Latest Works

  • Tichy Ocean is an Art Gallery located in Zürich, Switzerland. I’ve created the website following their instructions, using WordPress, HTML and CSS.
  • It was initially a personal project that after several years I decided to sell. It’s a website made with WordPress. I’ve created the content and I was in charge of the SEO and Front-End development of the website using HTML and CSS (among other things). I’ve also made e-mail templates.
  • Gran Fierro is a famous Argentinian restaurant located in Prague. The owner contacted me to be in charge of the maintenance of the website. It is a website made with WordPress.
  • Evocreative is a web design agency located in Prague. I’ve made for them the following works:
    • I’ve created the entire website using WordPress, HTML and CSS.
  • Preparation, integration and quality control of learning materials. Supporting the expansion of the Spanish version of
  • Pizzeria grado asked me for a simple website. I’ve created it using WordPress, HTML and CSS